About Us

Hello there!

I'm Shelby, owner and operator of Bryn & Proper, wife to Jeffrey, mama to my daughter Bryn (5) and son Cam (3),and pack leader to 2 lovable boxers, Gracie & Linc.

Since I was a baby, my mother always had me dressed. Not just dressed, I mean dressed. She always tells the story of how she had me dressed and ready to go in a full dress, patent leather shoes and a bonnet.... for a trip to the bank. If I was awake, I was dressed. If something got a stain on it, I was redressed. Bows, purses, hats, dresses, jewelry, you name it. I was always done up. My mom basically treated me like a live doll and I love that!

When we found out we were pregnant in 2014, I couldn't wait to find out if God was sending us a little boy or a little girl. As luck would have it, our first child was a girl and that's where this story starts. 

It didn't take long before I was shopping like crazy. No matter how many outfits or bows I had for her, it was just never enough. After 26 hours of labor, the doctor finally put her on my chest and my first request wasn't water or food or to get up and walk - I wanted her bow out of her hospital bag. With a giant eye roll my husband obliged and within the first five minutes of her life she had a big white bow on her hospital cap. History was repeating itself all over again and now I was the one who was treating her baby like a live doll. It was the best game of dress up that I have ever played. 

In March of 2017 we welcomed a new addition, our son Camden, but we call him Cam for short. I decided that I wanted to be home with my children and left my job to raise them. Over the course of the next two years, I spent every second of every day focusing 100% on their needs, their wants, their well-being and I am forever grateful to my husband for giving me that opportunity. As they got a bit older, I realized that I was slowly getting more free time back in my schedule. Those little windows of free time allowed me to dive back into all the things that I loved but had taken a backseat to being a full time mom. 

I was spending all of my free time creating and practicing and once my son started preschool, I decided it was time to really go for it! And that's how my third baby, Bryn & Proper, was born. 

We offer a wide selection of handmade & personalized hairbows, childrens apparel, layette items, & loungewear. We are always adding new products and coming up with new ideas but we would LOVE to hear from you. If you don't see something, say something! You can contact us by email at brynandproper@gmail.com. We would love the opportunity to bring your vision to life.